Bells are ringing now. Its Exam Time! Worried about your results? Have you not started preparing yet? Or you are not able to Focus on your Studies? Do you get Distracted easily? Do you always start studying and loose your focus easily? Do you regret that you are not able to study due to lack of Concentration Power? And Don’t know What to do?

Don’t worry we’ll guide you on How you can increase you focus and concentration while studying. It is mandatory that you follow all below mentioned steps to get Success on your exams.

How To Increase Concentration Before Exams While Studying?

Most students thinks Studying is a hardest thing to do. This happens because they don’t set any goals or they don’t have any motto. Better results can be achieved in exams through combination of Hard and Smart work. Always remember that Dedication and Discipline is the Key to the Success.

1) Syllabus Planning Before Studying

Its a good practice that you should have a clear Idea about the Syllabus before you start studying. Plan you course into small goals by dividing the syllabus into chunks. Make a Table of Chapters that covers the syllabus. In first column note down that Name of the Chapters. In second column note down each chapters Marks Weightage.

This will help you identify the most important chapters that have high marks weightage in your syllabus. In third column write down the Duration in which you want to complete this chapter. The total sum of Duration of all chapter will give you an idea in How many days you can complete this whole syllabus. We have shared the sample Table for you reference.

Increase Focus Before Exam India
Table of Chapters

2) Make Your Environment Suitable For Studying

Once you have prepared the “Table of Chapters“and Calculated your effort, the next thing is to make your studying area suitable to increase concentration and focus. A Clean area will help to eliminate negative vibes and your mind will be filled with positive energy. Removing any kind of distraction from your room will help you to focus on book that is in front of you.

Make your studying area comfortable and pleasing but not too much else you’ll fall asleep. Arrange proper table or bed. Light should be bright not dull in the studying area. Try to block any external noise in your studying area but either closing doors and windows or by using earplug. Your mind will focus more in silent atmosphere.

Clean Study Area before Studying-min (1)

3) Collect All Related Study Materials for that Chapter

Suppose you are studying in a good flow, learning new topic and then suddenly you realized that you don’t have the notes for that topic that was taught in your class room. You’ll have to get to grab that notes from your bag. This will break your study momentum. You’ll again have to spent some time before you gain your focus back to the topic. So to avoid such scenario you are suggested to gather all your study materials such as your Tuition Notes, Books, Papers, Pen, Pencil and Papers.

You can collect everything that you think will be necessary for studying that chapter or topic. So, you’ll not have to get up again and again. It is advisable to have something light to eat nearby. You may feel hungry after studying. Don’t eat heavy else you’ll feel lazy. Try to eat fruits which are also very healthy like Apple, Grapes or Banana etc.

Gather Study Material for Concentration

4)Turn Off Your Smart Phones While You Study

One of the major source of distraction while studying is your smart phone. Student while studying often check their phones for updates on Facebook or Message from a friend on Whatsapp. This will divert you from our goal of completing your chapter while giving time frame.

So it is advisable to switch off your phone while you study. Just focus on your books and nothing else. All other unnecessary electronic items should be turned off.

Turn Off Your Phone To Concentrate

5) Make Time Table to Learn Every Day

Remember Rome was not built in a Day. So to understand something and to become champion in that you need to Learn everyday and Practice everyday. Make it a routine that at any cost you need to learn for fix time period. And stick to your routine no matter what happens.

Make it your priority to study first and then do anything later. Success is a collection of small daily achievements of your goals. Do not let anything distract you from your commitment. Gradually studying will become your habit. Your focus and concentration level will gradually increase over a period of time.

Make routine to study for increasing concentration

6) Keep photos of your Parents on your Study Table

Last but most important point. You should keep the photos of your Parents in front of you. This will help you remember how much they are scarifying for you. So that you can study and become a gentleman with a good job and secure future. If you can’t study for yourself than study for your parents.

Imagine how happy they will be once you’ll get good marks in your exams. Always remember your Parents loves you. Have Faith in God and Trust Yourself. Hard work pays always..!!

Parent photo on study desk to focus on your study

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